Please note: Most people will not need to use these files

Dumps of the ASF Subversion repository

This directory contains manually generated dumps of the ASF subversion repository.

Files are compressed using the 7zip format.

p7zip is available in most package systems to decompress these files.

Contact for more info.

These files expand to over 65 gigabytes.

Index of /

      Name                                        Last modified      Size
      index2.html                                 14-Jan-2015 16:18  889
      svn-asf-public-r1682811:1688543.7z.md5      01-Jul-2015  1:25  79
      svn-asf-public-r1682811:1688543.7z.sha1     01-Jul-2015  1:25  87
      svn-asf-public-r1682811:1688543.7z.sha256   01-Jul-2015  1:25  111
      svn-asf-public-r1682811:1688543.7z          01-Jul-2015  1:25  683M
      svn-asf-public-r1688544:1693676.7z.md5      01-Aug-2015  1:25  79
      svn-asf-public-r1688544:1693676.7z.sha1     01-Aug-2015  1:25  87
      svn-asf-public-r1688544:1693676.7z.sha256   01-Aug-2015  1:25  111
      svn-asf-public-r1688544:1693676.7z          01-Aug-2015  1:24  641M
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